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Grandwest Enterprises Inc, known as the largest wholesale distributor of automotive and truck accessories in Canada, has consistently delivered exceptional service to its customers for more than thirty years. Moreover, its steadfast dedication to quality and reliability has firmly established it as an unquestioned industry leader. With a wide product range and an unwavering commitment, we consistently fulfill and go beyond the requirements of its diverse customer base, ensuring their contentment and nurturing enduring loyalty.

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Data Here-to-There Inc.|Grandwest Auto

Imported Auto Parts

Established in 1980, Grandwest Enterprises has transformed into a leading force, offering an extensive range of 300+ product lines. Its state-of-the-art 130,000 sq ft warehouse, a far cry from its humble beginnings, now houses 30,000 updated items, staying abreast of market trends. With a flourishing nationwide dealer network, Grandwest is committed to customer satisfaction, facilitated by same-day shipping, user-friendly online access, and an 803-page catalog ensuring informed decisions and enduring partnerships.

Driving Automotive Excellence

Grandwest signifies progress in the automotive industry. With a flourishing dealer network across western Canada, the company prioritizes customer satisfaction through swift shipping and accessible online platforms, reinforcing its dedication to excellence and enduring customer relationships.

Data Here-to-There Inc.|Grandwest Auto

About Grandwest

Data Here-to-There Inc.|Grandwest Auto

In 1980, Grandwest Enterprises started as a small distribution business, offering just three products. But now, it proudly offers more than 300 product lines, regularly updating its inventory with 30,000 items that stay in line with current market trends. Furthermore, the company remains proactive, always pushing forward rather than settling into complacency.

The inventory once fit into a small apartment closet, but now it’s in a spacious, modern 130,000 square foot warehouse. This warehouse is fully equipped to meet the business’s demands. Additionally, the company’s dealer network has expanded across the country, especially in western Canada. Grandwest has consistently focused on ensuring customer satisfaction throughout its journey.

The commitment to customer satisfaction is upheld by a dedicated, friendly, and knowledgeable staff who are always ready to assist. They offer same-day shipping, user-friendly online access, and present an extensive inventory selection in an 803-page catalog, empowering customers to make informed decisions and find what they need.

Our dedicated sales force, along with innovative marketing programs, forms valuable partnerships with customers. This collaborative approach ensures an understanding of each client’s unique requirements, laying the foundation for lasting relationships.

Grandwest Enterprises continues to set new standards for excellence in wholesale distribution of automotive and truck accessories. This reinforces its position as an industry leader. With a rich history and a commitment to progress, Grandwest remains at the forefront of its field, meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

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