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Torqued Distribution

Torqued Distribution is the industry’s first truly hybrid warehouse distributor sourcing parts and accessories from the Torqued warehouses in San Francisco and Detroit, other warehouse distributors, and/or the manufacturers.  Torqued’s sophisticated e-commerce automation cloud, Warehouse as a Service (WaaS), is the most modern and scalable sales and distribution platform in the automotive aftermarket.
Torqued carries hundreds of well know brands as well as the U.S. Exclusive Distribution Rights for Tillett Racing Seats, Nuke Performance, BOOST Products USA, and obp Motorsport.
New dealer inquiries contact Lou Lobsinger, Head of Sales & Marketing, at or (586) 207-9191.

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Street Legal

At Torqued Distribution, we specialize in providing performance parts and accessories for street rods, hot rods, and muscle cars. Whether your customers are building traditional street rods or pro-touring vehicles, our comprehensive inventory of in-demand products is ready to ship, ensuring their projects stay on schedule. Trust Torqued Distribution to turn automotive visions into reality while delivering exceptional service to your customers.


Join us today and discover why we are the preferred choice for automotive enthusiasts. Let us fuel your passion for cars and help you drive success in the industry.

Launching WaaS™️

Our focus on technology sets us apart from other distributors, leading to the introduction of our innovative Warehouse as a Service (WaaS™️) offering. Seamlessly connect your eCommerce systems or ERP to the Torqued Cloud and gain immediate access to up-to-date inventory, pricing, product information, and streamlined order fulfillment. Embrace the convenience of our zero-assets virtual warehouse, empowering dealers of all sizes to thrive in the digital age and maximize their success.

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The Torqued Cloud Platform

To support brand growth and enhance the dealer experience, we have developed the revolutionary Torqued Cloud platform. This high-performance platform integrates:

  • Warehouse Management
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • A dealer portal with advanced eCommerce capabilities
  • API for seamless connections
  • Comprehensive product data management
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