The Wheel group

The Wheel Group

The Wheel Group actively manufactures and distributes aftermarket automotive wheels, bumpers, and accessories. Additionally, with over 45 years of industry experience since its establishment in 1969, TWG is headquartered in Ontario, California, and operates through a network of 20 strategically located distribution facilities across the US and Canada.

Moreover, TWG serves a large international customer base in countries such as Canada, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia. Furthermore, TWG continuously strives to create innovative and exciting designs. In fact, we take pride in introducing our globally recognized privately designed wheel lines and a complete range of wheel accessories, including Mr. Lugnut, RHI, Body Armor 4×4, Max Sensor, and AMP Tires.

Not only that, but TWG’s product lineup features alloy wheels in various finishes and sizes to cater to diverse consumer demands.

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The Wheel Group
the wheel group

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TWG upholds its commitment to maximum dual drill capability, ensuring caliper clearance for a wide range of vehicles. Moreover, it offers an extensive selection of trailer, truck, and OE wheels, catering to the diverse needs of customers. By adhering to strict standards set by OEM, ISO, SAE, JWL, VIA, and TUV, TWG manufactures high-quality cast and forged wheels. This emphasis on quality guarantees the reliability and durability of its products. Additionally, TWG’s efficiency shines through its prompt delivery of top-notch items, consistently meeting and exceeding customer demands. With a focus on excellence, TWG continues to be a trusted name in the aftermarket automotive industry.

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