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​Why Automate?

What Data Here-to-There Offers

1. Say Goodbye to Manual Imports

Downloading CSV files and product images from your supplier and importing them manually takes time and results in errors. This is especially true if you are editing the CSV files to adjust prices, titles, and other metadata. Data Here-to-There’s system does these repetitive tasks for you quickly and accurately. We will work with you to understand your product curation needs and build an automation solution that fits.


2. Avoid Overselling Products

One of the most common e-commerce problems is the oversell. It happens when a customer tries to buy something which is not actually in stock. All web stores and marketplaces track inventory, but this inventory data is only as good as the data that the merchant provides. If a web store believes that it has 1000 parts in stock but the merchant sold the last one an hour ago, any further attempted sales will be oversells. The store will continue to promise customers quick delivery even though this is clearly not possible. The consequence is a lost sale.


3. Automated Supplier Data

Your warehouse distributor’s data can be retrieved via FTP, API, web service, remote database, and most cloud-based services. That data is then analyzed and compared to your existing store. Inventory is updated and new products are added dynamically. Images are imported automatically along with product descriptions, prices, and other details. If your supplier has a sale, new prices will automatically flow down to your store. The margin that you set will be preserved. You can also set minimum limits on price, MSRP, and MAP values to protect your bottom line.


Keep Your Catalog Fresh​

Our system adds new products to your store automatically – and removes ones that your supplier doesn’t sell any more.


Another problem you might be facing are abandoned products. These are products which at one time existed in a supplier’s data feed. Imagine a kitchen furniture supplier who had a Butcher Block Family Table product. It sold very well for a number of months but then the item was removed from inventory… but not from the data feed. How can a merchant be sure that he no longer has products in his store like this, which can no longer be fulfilled?

It’s an oversell waiting to happen. The supplier can’t provide this product any more yet it is on the merchant’s site. Eventually someone is going to click there and try to buy that Butcher Block Family Table.

Product Not Found

Some drop-shippers provide a separate data feed of retired products. This can be used to weed out any abandoned products in the merchant’s tore. However, it is quite rare to find this list of retired products available in a supply feed. Even with that information it is still only relevant to merchants who actually listed those products.

Abandoned products are part of a broader service that we call Catalog Synchronization. The product catalog consists of all possible supply data merged with the store’s product set. New products can be added dynamically, changed product data is updated, identical products are left alone, and abandoned products are hidden or removed based on the merchant’s policy.

Catalog Synchronization goes hand-in-hand with inventory synchronization. Both processes are critical to running an efficient e-commerce store. Our system is able to detect abandoned products and keep your whole catalog properly synchronized.

Continuous Curation

Our system automatically adds products that you want.

Set the rules, sit back, and let Continuous Curation put the right products into your stores!

Every store possesses a unique personality. Just like stores featuring colorful kids toys or stylish swimwear, auto parts stores establish an association between specific products and their brand. This connection becomes a shopping habit, making the store a go-to destination for auto parts.

Product curation defines an auto parts store’s personality. Just as merchants used to physically select and stock products, today’s process is more virtual. With drop-shipping and online marketplaces, the strategic selection of products shapes the store’s identity with just a few clicks.

How can you ensure that your product line stays consistent when new products are arriving from your suppliers daily?

There are many innovative ways to select products from supply data feeds. Our Continuous Curation ™ process lets you decide beforehand what kind of products you want in your store. Then we handle the rest!

Data Here-to-There Inc.|Solutions

Choose products by categories

Your supplier offers a wide range of automotive parts, including components for engines, brakes, transmissions, and suspension systems. To streamline your product offering, you decide to concentrate on engine and brake parts for both cars and trucks, opting to exclude transmission and suspension components.

Data Here-to-There Inc.|Solutions

Choose specific products

Sometimes, certain automotive parts are essential to have in stock. These specific items can be identified using their titles or SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), ensuring that you maintain a comprehensive inventory.

Data Here-to-There Inc.|Solutions

Choose by keywords

Each automotive part comes with a description that holds valuable information. By employing keywords, you can effectively refine your search for particular products. For instance, if you're keen on all products related to 'engine performance', using these keywords will help you pinpoint the relevant automotive components.

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