Rough Country

Rough Country

Established in 1975, Rough Country emerged as a trailblazer in the off-road industry, introducing their iconic yellow-colored shock bodies. A significant milestone occurred in 1986 when Heckethorn Products Inc acquired Rough Country. Consequently, they expanded their offerings to include Jeep Steering Stabilizers. Furthermore, building upon this success, they ventured into leveling kits and lift kits. This was driven by their unwavering commitment to providing meticulously engineered off-road solutions at accessible price points.

Today, the company has become a trusted name in the industry, captivating the hearts of off-road enthusiasts worldwide. Their extensive range of products, including LED Lights, Fender Flares, Mesh Grilles, and various accessories, continues to innovate and deliver top-quality equipment.

Their dedication to meeting the needs of truck and Jeep enthusiasts fuels their passion. This drives them to introduce exciting new products that resonate with the off-road community. They remain committed to their mission of making off-road adventures more accessible and thrilling for all. Consequently, with a steadfast focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Rough Country stands as a leader in the off-road aftermarket industry.

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Rough Country
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About Rough Country

Presently, we take immense pride in our extensive and diverse product lineup, catering to various makes and models. Furthermore, our comprehensive range encompasses not only LED Lights, Fender Flares, and Mesh Grilles but also an extensive array of accessories tailored to enhance your off-road experience. Moreover, our commitment to innovation is vividly reflected in our selection of cutting-edge shocks and struts, such as the groundbreaking N3 Nitrogen charged shocks and Performance 2.0 Struts.

Additionally, in 2018, we unveiled Vertex, an exclusive line of premium reservoir shocks and coilover struts, thereby setting a new standard in high-end off-road performance. These meticulously engineered products rival the finest alternatives available in the market. Consequently, this is because we firmly believe in delivering nothing but the best to our valued customers.

Driven by our passion as fellow truck and Jeep enthusiasts, we constantly push the boundaries of what’s possible. Consequently, we understand the excitement and thrill of off-road adventures. Therefore, our unwavering dedication to providing top-quality equipment at an affordable price fuels our quest to introduce captivating and innovative products that consistently exceed expectations.

Experience the transformative difference and join us on the journey to elevate your off-road adventures. Consequently, because we’re here to accompany you every step of the way, let us be your trusted partner in unlocking new possibilities and enjoying the ultimate off-road experience.

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