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Shopify Sport Compact Shop-in-a-Box

Check out our Performance demo store here.

Password: fastai

What’s included?

  • Installation of the theme to your domain (this will be 100% your store)
  • Installation of the Slingshot Automotive Shopify app by Data Here-to-There to keep all your products synchronized to your distributors and catalogs – automatically.
  • Installation of the Nexus EasySearch YMM search plugin
  • Images are provided – exactly as they are in the store you purchased
  • Written instructions on how to use, change or add to your store theme, how to choose and connect up categories and sub-categories
  • A link to training on our Slingshot Automotive Shopify app
  • Ongoing fees for your Shopify account, Slingshot Automotive ($99+), and Nexus EasySearch ($19/month)

Want even more? Then you can pimp out your store yourself… or we can do it for you. Just get in touch with us at info@dataheretothere.com and tell us what customizations you would like. We can add or swap categories, customize your store’s colors, add your company logo, or whatever you like. All for a reasonable hourly fee. (Please note – we cannot refund developer hours spent customizing your store).


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