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BigCommerce Sport Compact Shop-in-a-Box

Check out our Performance demo store here.

Password: rj28b9q6rp

What’s included?

  • Installation of the theme to your domain (this will be 100% your store)
  • Installation of the Slingshot Automotive app by Data Here-to-There to keep all your products synchronized with your distributors and catalogs automatically.
  • Installation of the PartFinder YMM search plugin
  • Images are provided – exactly as they are in the store you purchased
  • Written instructions on how to use, change or add to your store theme, how to choose and connect up categories and sub-categories
  • A link to training on our Slingshot Automotive app
  • Ongoing fees include BigCommerce, the Slingshot Automotive app ($99+ based on plan), and PartFinder

Want even more? Then you can pimp out your store yourself… or we can do it for you. Just get in touch with us at info@dataheretothere.com and tell us what customizations you would like. We can add or swap categories, customize your store’s colors, add your company logo, or whatever you like. All for a reasonable hourly fee. (Please note – we cannot refund developer hours spent customizing your store).



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