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What factors influence why you choose a distributor? Do you buy from the WD with the lowest price? Do you buy from the WD with the best service regardless of price? Are you looking for the company that has it all? We have your answer: Meyer Distributing.

When combining Price, Availability, and Customer Service based upon a common sense, down to earth approach, you have a company you can rely on. Each Meyer associate knows personal relationships, rock solid dependability and good value are most important to our customers.

Each day at Meyer we apply this logic – from Sales to Fulfillment – our team takes pride in what they do. As we continue to implement cutting edge operations and technology to lead this industry, you can count on that our business is to serve you.

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About Meyer Distributing

At Meyer Distributing, we look forward to continuing our efforts to provide the best service we possibly can. We will continue to support all of our customers and vendors, building partnerships and friendships across the globe.

We take a truly personal approach with every element of our operation; each customer, vendor and associate is treated with utmost respect. It is our aim to show an attention to detail that will set us apart from other larger companies.

We take pride in being close to the heartbeat of our business and hold all of our staff to the highest of standards. We will never lose sight of our core principles of dedicated, precise and personal service.

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