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Keystone Automotive Operations, located in Exeter, PA, serves auto enthusiasts and installers across North America. It’s a top distributor of car gear and accessories, meeting various needs.

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About Keystone Automotive

Keystone Automotive Operations, headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, is a top distributor of specialized automotive equipment and accessories in North America. With 45 years of experience, we’ve grown from a single auto parts store into a crucial link between suppliers and customers.

Our vast inventory includes over 185,000 unique products sourced from more than 800 suppliers. This extensive variety ensures we meet the diverse needs of auto enthusiasts and installers.

Operating eight Distribution Centers and 37 cross-docks throughout the United States and Canada allows us to efficiently manage product flow. Our distribution network, comprising more than 500 trucks and trailers, facilitates prompt delivery to customers in 48 states and 9 Canadian provinces.

Moreover, we export to over 70 countries, underscoring our global presence. Within our warehouse, operations run 24/7 to guarantee timely order processing.

Our dedicated truck drivers cover a staggering 30 million miles annually, ensuring on-time deliveries. This extensive reach, coupled with our innovative distribution model, provides substantial scale, unparalleled inventory selection, exceptional customer service, and forward-thinking marketing support.

As a result, Keystone Automotive Operations continues to drive excellence in the automotive aftermarket industry, serving customers and suppliers alike with dedication and efficiency.

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