Fastco is a Canadian alloy wheel company, specializing in diverse styles and fitments for tuning, luxury, electric, light-truck, and SUV markets. Our experienced team boasts over 30 years in the industry, reflecting our knowledge and enthusiasm.

Initially offering 3 styles, we rapidly expanded, earning a solid reputation for filling niche vehicle fitments. Moreover, today, Fast Wheels features 60+ active models, including Braelin, HD Series, FastEV, Replika, and Dialyn accessory line.

We meticulously oversee every aspect of wheel production, from conception to casting, certification tests, finishing, and packaging. This commitment ensures wheels of exceptional quality, meeting the highest industry standards.

Whether you seek a perfect fit, rigorous testing, engineered quality, or hot styling, Fast is your go-to choice for top-notch alloy wheels in Canada.

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About Fastco

A trustworthy fitment guarantee: Our meticulous approach includes over 79,000 vehicle measurements and 200 fitment data points to precisely tailor our products. If by rare chance something doesn’t fit perfectly, we offer a hassle-free return process at no cost.

Safety is paramount. We surpass stringent standards, ensuring our wheels, tires, and accessories meet all application requirements. FastFinder™ verifies load capacity and recalculates tire inflation pressure. We even provide a free supplementary tire inflation door placard with our wheel and tire packages.

At Fastco, we prioritize precision and customer satisfaction. Rest assured, our dedication to fitment and safety is unmatched. Trust us for the perfect fit and unwavering safety for your vehicle.

The best customer service and technical support team in Canada

Customer testimonials speak volumes. When you contact us, our knowledgeable and friendly bilingual team will answer your call within three rings. Moreover, we prioritize exceptional customer service, ensuring personal interaction, not automated responses.

For more intricate inquiries, our dedicated technical support team is ready to assist with complex wheel and tire concerns. Additionally, count on us for expert guidance and support.

At Fastco, your satisfaction matters. We strive to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. Consequently, contact us today and witness our commitment to exceptional service firsthand.

The widest selection of direct-fit wheels in Canada

Our inventory boasts a wide array of direct-fit wheels precisely tailored to match OEM specifications. Using cutting-edge, in-house 3-axis CNC machines, we achieve unparalleled accuracy in custom drilling bolt patterns, center bores, and offsets.

Hub-centric design takes precedence for our direct-fit wheels, ensuring seamless alignment with your vehicle’s hub for optimal stability. Additionally, our wheels are engineered to seamlessly accommodate original hardware and tire pressure sensors, eliminating compatibility concerns.

With our unwavering commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail, our direct-fit wheels not only enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics but also provide a safe and reliable driving experience. Therefore, explore our extensive selection and discover the perfect match for your vehicle today.

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