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Fair Interamerican

Fair Interamerican is a company that serves the American continent market, oriented mainly to the consumer electronics industry. Fair Interamerican Inc. is a young and dynamic company based in the United States. We represent important and recognized brands within the consumer goods industry (electronics, appliances and luxury) and work closely with our selected retail and redistribution partners with focus in US, Central, South America and Caribbean  territories. Our team is formed by professionals whom have worked in transnational corporations in various continents and who use top quality principles & practices in their daily work.

Data Here-to-There allows you to connect and control your Fair Interamerican store using our data integration technology on Shopify. If you’ve always wanted a virtual parts desk but thought it would be too complicated… well, now you can have it. We can even help you get your store set up from scratch, with our Fair Interamerican Shop-in-a-Box.

Proud carrier of these brands:

About Fair Interamerican


Supply in an expedited and competitive manner products and services required for our retail and redistribution channels in the Americas.


Represent and offer top quality portfolio of brands aligned with the market needs and channels to assure a sustainable and evolutionary profitable revenue stream for our retail and distribution partners in the Americas. Our company applies the highest industry standards for an efficient product flow based on supply-chain, merchandising and promotional principles to secure its reputation as the most reliable and professional company in the industry.

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