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Elite Wheel Warehouse


Through a remarkable transformation, Elite Wheel Warehouse has evolved into a dynamic community for passionate customization enthusiasts. Over a decade, we’ve launched 11 distinct aftermarket automotive labels, catering to diverse consumer segments.

Our success hinges on unwavering dedication to excellence because it’s evident in our use of cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and technology. These innovations, paired with support from our 100+ skilled representatives, have propelled us to the industry vanguard.

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About Elite Wheel Warehouse

In 2011, Elite Wheels embarked on a transformative journey with the launch of Amani Forged, signifying our commitment to innovation. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry was evident when we subsequently introduced Spec-1 Wheels, catering to evolving market needs.

The year 2015 was pivotal, marked by the introduction of Cavallo Wheels, effectively filling a significant product gap. Then, in 2016, Azara Wheels and XF Off-Road expanded our already diverse lineup, ensuring we met the demands of a broad customer base.

In 2017, we took another step forward by integrating Blade Luxury Wheels and Twisted Off-Road into our brand portfolio, further enriching our selection. Our commitment to innovation and setting new standards continued in 2018 when we proudly unveiled the OE Revolution, redefining the industry’s expectations for original equipment wheels.

Innovation is ingrained in our DNA, compelling us to continuously push boundaries and create exceptional products. And there’s more to come; stay tuned for exciting updates, including the launch of our upcoming line of wheel and tire accessories. This range will feature lug nut kits, wheel locks, spacers, hub rings, and other enhancements.

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