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Elite Wheel Warehouse

What began as a distribution channel for multiple wheel brands, has evolved into a young, passionate, and inspired group of customization enthusiasts. Over the past 10+ years, Elite has launched 11 aftermarket automotive brands, catering to multiple markets. We offer the latest manufacturing processes and technology with a team of 100+ dedicated representatives and associates.

The Brands

Elite Wheels created its first line of wheels in 2011, Amani Forged. A couple years later came Elite Wheels first one piece cast wheel line called Spec-1 Wheels. In 2015, Elite saw a need in the wheel market that the existing Spec-1 and Amani Forged wheel lines were missing and Cavallo Wheels was born. The work was not done and in 2016 Azara Wheels and XF Off-Road were introduced to the market. Blade Luxury Wheels and Twisted Off-Road were brand that were adopted by Elite Wheels in 2017 and have fit right in with the rest of the lines here. In 2018, Elite brought in its own OE wheel line called OE Revolution.

The Future

Elite Wheels is continuing to innovate and create some of the highest quality and unique products on the market and we are not slowing down in the future. Coming soon to Elite Wheels is its own wheel and tire accessory line with lug nut kits, wheel locks, spacers, hub rings, and many more items that we are excited to announce to you in the future. The future is bright for Elite and we are happy to have you along with us for the journey. We thank you for your continued support and loyalty to our brands and products.

Your Elite Wheel Warehouse Store

You understand wheels and tires. You know how to sell wheels tires. Are you ready to do it online from your own ecommerce store? If so then it’s time to monetize your expertise – with an Elite Wheel Warehouse Shop-in-a-Box. 

Your store will come packed with Elite Wheel Warehouse’s top brands, including wheel brands: Amani Forged, Azara, Blade, Cavallo, Modern Concept, Spec-1, XF Off-Road, OE Revolution, Twisted Off-Road, XF Off-Road – and tire brands: Fullrun, Fullway, Lexani, and Venom.

All of these brands and more can be listed on your very own website when you get our Elite Wheel Warehouse Shop-in-a-Box.

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