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The online auto parts industry is booming. So what are you going to do about it?

How do you get those parts from data feeds offered by catalogs like SEMA, DCi, PartsHub, ASAP, or Opticat into your store?  Your customers want an aftermarket shopping experience that has all the convenience of Amazon, with the best selection of automotive parts.  Until now that’s been almost impossible to do without a large development team.

At Data Here-to-There, we can handle just about any kind of supplier data – but our focus is on automotive parts data. We offer apps and services that will help you get your data from all the major automotive warehouse distributors into your online store seamlessly and with a minimum of effort on your part, to keep it all up to date – so you can get back to running your business!

Does your shop carry automotive parts from one or more warehouse distributors? Or even from multiple sales channels? No problem! Data Here-to-There is the right fit for your supply chain.

  • Choose from Shopify, BigCommerce, or eBay Motors

  • Add new brands and products automatically

  • Keep your prices and margin accurate while enforce MAP pricing

  • Automatically send orders back to your warehouse distributors

  • Specialize products for your store by brand, fitment, keywords, and other filters

Get a Ready-to-Go Parts Desk

Tools to Do-it-Yourself

You live and breathe Muscle Cars cars already, so it’s time to connect our Modern Muscle Shop-in-a-Box to your website to take that passion even further. 

Obsessed with all things European but just missing the parts website as the last piece of your business’s puzzle? Let us help you complete it with our European Shop-in-a-Box!

You’ve been a fan of Japanese cars forever – since before they got hot in North America and started starring in “Fast and Furious” movies. Turn your JDM garage into an online parts selling machine with our JDM Shop-in-a-Box. Click here to check out the special features you get only with your JDM ecommerce store by Data Here-to-There and Turn 14 Distribution.

You already know the Sports Compact market. Let us help you take that knowledge to the next level with our Sport Compact Shop-in-a-Box. You can tap into Turn 14 Distribution’s inventory with just a few clicks using the Turn 14 to Shopify app, and our Sport Compact Shop-in-a-Box.

Trucks are your life. You’ve made them your profession. Now let’s help you take the next step with a professional online parts store using our Truck Shop-in-a-Box.

Do you want a website that will let your visitors search for parts that are more specific to certain vehicles? Then our New American Muscle Shop-in-a-Box might be the right site for you. Note, this Shop-in-a-Box can be customized to your niche – domestic, foreign, performance, trucks, you name it!

Want a store that’s less focused on specific vehicles, more on selling parts? Then this is the store for you. With the Performance package you can pick one type of part to feature – from Suspension to Exhaust to take your pick – and more than one category can be featured, of course.


Do you already have a store or have technical skills?  Our apps are ideal for adding parts and handling orders.  Slingshot Automotive is our next generation platform for connecting all of your automotive data feeds to your store. Select your favorite brands and keep them synchronized without leaving your Shopify or BigCommerce store.


  • Ability to merge inventory from your local stock and distributors
  • Ability to set prices based on inventory and distributor cost
  • Ability to customize your products using Slingshot Enhancements while maintaining synchronization with the source
  • Ability to send orders to your chosen Warehouse Distributors
  • Ability to optimize order routing based on cost / location / brand / etc.
  • Fast updates to the store using Slingshot Zipline™ technology

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